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The # 1 Chronic Disease among Children and Adults is Tooth Decay. It is Nutritionally Based. Tooth Decay and Its' "Bacterial Feed" from the mouth to the Bloodstream is Constant. This Bacteria, Stresses the Immune System 24/7 and may Eventually Wear Out the Immune System. A Weakened Immune System, and This Oral Bacteria, are the Number 1, Major Link to World Wide Heart Disease, Cancer, ADD, Parkinsons', Arthritis, ADHD, and Fatigue. Antiquated ToothPaste and Mouthwash, have not helped or slowed down these Problems. Everyone Has Dental Issues. After I had a Front Tooth Simply Fall Out, after my Dental Visit, and; My Fossing and Brushing Faithfully, I decided to Invent a Tooth Product That Would Actually Prevent and Repair Dental Problems. The Product is called Total Tooth Solutions® It is now Patented! It contains Alkalizers to Stop Enamel Loss from Acidic Drinks and foods. ie. meat, coffee, tea, beer, wine, fruit juice, and sugar, in pies, cakes, sport drinks, and sodas. 84 Natural Minerals Actually Fill Cavities and Cracks, and stops cavities. Five Organic Oils to Stop S. Mutans from decaying teeth, and Stopping the "Bacterial Feed' into the bloodstream. The 5 Probiotics Colonize in the Mouth to Replace Bad Odor Causing Bacteria, and, in the Sinus Cavities. The Result is nearely permanent "Baby Fresh Breath" no matter what you have put into your mouth recently. Calcium Peroxide Supplys Oxygen to Whiten Any Ones' Teeth, that still have Enamel. I added A Natural Sweetener that reduced cavities by 73%! Continuous Use with Every Brushing "Permanently" Whitens Teeth. Removing Stains Daily Is an Important part of a Great Looking Smile. Enzymes as Pinapple and Papaya, Digest and Destroy Plaque. They Clean Cavities and Gums, to Tighten Teeth, help Heal Gums, and Destroy Odor. You Should Rinse your teeth with water, After, any Food or Drink, and Before You Brush, This will help Save Your Enamel I do not recommend rinsing the mouth after brushing. The Enzymes, the Minerals, the Probiotics, and the Oils, need time, to do their work. Your Breath Will Be Great. I recommend you Floss Pick twice a day. Also, Use the little brushes that go between the teeth, twice a day, and Massage your gums, with your finger once a day. Your Real Teeth and Your Health Will Be Worth It. Have your Dentist Remove all of your Old Plaque. Hopefully, there won't be any new plaque. Smiling Relieves Stress, Tooth Grinding, and Produces "Feel Good" Endorphins from the Brain. This New Formula has been called "The Greatist Dental Discovery of the 21St Century" Share This Discovery with your Family and Friends. Use it, and then tell others what it did and accomplished For Your Teeth.

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