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Nelson D. Harvey, PhD., C.N.C. is the former C.E.O. of Get Slim International Inc., An author, he as published over 200 Health publications. Over 100,000 personal customers accredit him. He is the founder of Harvey Health Centers, LL C. and is a sought after motivational speaker.  His "Life's Work" is to "Help Others Learn How to be Healthy", and, believes that "Every Waking Moment Should be Filled with Gratitude".

Harvey Health Centers. LLC is dedicated to bringing Wellness to the World, with products that Help Heal, Repair, and Correct. To bring the mind and the body to their fullest state of wellness.

Hello. I've whitened over 10,000 sets of teeth.

After I had a front tooth fall out, I invented a tooth powder to replace near worthless toothpaste and mouthwash. Everyone gets cavities, plaque, and loses teeth.

Based on the merits of the product, I have received a federal patent for this one of a kind formula. 

It whitens teeth up to 10 shades whiter quickly. 

It helps remove plaque, and fills all pre-cavities. 

It contains 84 natural minerals, enzymes, and oils, just for teeth.

Gums become healthy and the breath is perpetually fresh. Your teeth will feel super-clean. 

When you see your dentist, and hear that you didn’t have any plaque or cavities, and that you don’t need a cleaning, you'll be very happy.

This product is called Total Tooth Solution® and it retails for $19.95.

It’s a four month, 120 day supply, and ships for free! 

It has a full four month guarantee.. 

If you would like immensely whiter teeth, thicker & stronger enamel, perpetually fresh breath, healthy gums, less sensitivity, and expect, reduced or zero cavities & plaque, without chemicals, with complete body and dental safety, start using Total Tooth Solution® today, before more damage occurs. The results are permanent, as long as you use the product. 

Click the link above and order yours today. It’s 100% guaranteed. If you don’t like it, you’ll get a quick refund.